MSCC currently uses the SCCA's car classing scheme and the portion of their rules that deals with car classing. (Please note: MSCC is not a member of - or affiliated with - the SCCA. Their solo rules, which can be found here, are a copyrighted product of the SCCA.)

The exceptions to the SCCA rules are:

  1. No separate ladies classing.
  2. Adoption of our old SMST classes.
  3. All vehicles must meet a 100dB @ 50ft. sound limit.

If you have specific classing questions, please make a post in our Classification & Rules Forum.

The MSCC rule book is available here. This rulebook is not, however, 100% inclusive; i.e. classing questions will still only be answered from the SCCA rules book.

Becoming a member

  1. Attend 3 events and/or meetings
  2. Fill out a membership form (found below) and bring it to a club meeting to get voted in
  3. Annual dues are $40

Note: The meeting in which you apply may count as your third event.


Novice Tips (PDF)

Event Registration Form (PDF)

Membership Application (PDF)

Annual Tech Inspection Form (PDF)

Event Host Responsibilities (PDF)

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Course Design Guide (PDF)